24 of The Best Christmas Cookies Ever

Collage of spritz cookies, peanut butter blossoms and gingersnap cookies

These are 24 of the Greatest Christmas Cookies ever! You’re going to need all of those festive treats in your vacation cookie platters. From traditional gentle sugar cookies to spiced gingerbread, conventional Christmas cookie recipes, and hundreds extra.

Assorted spritz cookies in different Christmas shapes on a countertop.

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My Favourite Christmas Cookies Of All Time

It’s that point of yr once more. The home is decked out with tinsel and lights. Mariah Carey’s “All I Need for Christmas” has formally defrosted (and shall be on repeat till additional discover). We’ve been curling up with mugs of Hot Chocolate on the each day. The vacations are HERE, individuals!

This isn’t a drill.

To prime all of it off, I’m again with much more of The BEST Christmas Cookie Recipes. This time, I’ve 24 of my most scrumptious, festive Christmas cookies ever to share. I can assure that I’ll be baking these continuous this vacation season. You’ll discover all the things from excellent spritz cookies to cutout sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles to conventional recipes like Polish kolaczki and alfajores

Plus, I’m sharing simple suggestions for arranging your vacation cookie platters, cookie storing and freezing directions, after which some. Let’s simply say, I’ve acquired you coated from head to mistletoe.

24 Greatest-Ever Vacation Cookie Recipes

Prepared for the last word assortment of Christmas cookies to bake this yr? You’ll discover all the things it is advisable totally inventory your Christmas cookie platters within the checklist beneath.

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Star-shaped cut out sugar cookies with white icing, dusted with sugar on a countertop.

The Greatest Sugar Cookie Recipe

We’ll kick this checklist off with a traditional: cut-out sugar cookies! That is the ONLY Christmas sugar cookie recipe I’ll ever use, as a result of it’s mainly foolproof and at all times tastes wonderful. These buttery cookies are excellent for adorning with my favourite sugar cookie icing, additionally included on this recipe!

Snickerdoodle cookies stacked in a pile on a white plate.

Excellent Snickerdoodle Cookies

One other traditional, these gentle and chewy snickerdoodles are simply the most effective. They’re buttery on the within, chewy on the skin, with an irresistible sugary crunch. Plus, that attribute snickerdoodle tang, after all!

Assorted Rugelach cookies filled with nuts and fruit on a plate.

Deliciously Straightforward Rugelach

Rugelach are conventional Polish Christmas cookies, comprised of nuts, fruit, preserves, and cinnamon sugar rolled up inside gentle cream cheese pastry dough. The result’s a scrumptious and festive combo of flavors and textures!

A stack of homemade gingersnap cookies on a plate.

Gingersnap Cookies

Chewy, spicy gingersnap cookies are excellent for the vacations, and this recipe is really easy! These gingersnaps bake up on the softer facet, for a much less crisp but nonetheless SUPER tasty model of a crispy gingersnap cookie.

Filled and baked polish kolaczki cookies arranged in rows on a baking sheet, dusted with powdered sugar.

Do-it-yourself Polish Kolaczki

A standard Polish recipe, my home made kolaczki cookies are comprised of cream cheese pastry folded round a filling of jam or fruit preserves, then dusted with powdered sugar. These at all times make an look at our home in the course of the holidays!

Alfajores cookies dusted with powdered sugar, filled with dulce de leche.

Straightforward Do-it-yourself Alfajores

For those who’re in search of one thing slightly completely different and SO scrumptious, this simple recipe for home made alfajores cookies is true up your alley! Alfajores are a kind of delicate South American sandwich cookie, comprised of melt-in-your-mouth dulce de leche between two shortbread-style cookies.

Plate of butter cookies with their edges coated with sprinkles.

Straightforward Butter Cookies

A simple recipe for excellent home made butter cookies, these infants are reliably the most effective. Serve them as-is or enhance them as you want, these cookies by no means come up brief.

Freshly baked chocolate crinkle cookies on a white tea towel and gingham tablecloth. One of the cookies has been broken in half to reveal the soft interior.

Fudgy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

How attractive are these “snow”-dusted chocolate crinkle cookies? I simply love the sugary White Christmas impact of dusting my crinkle cookies with powdered sugar. These chocolate cookies are fudgy, gentle, and ideal on a cookie plate.

Close up of homemade palmiers cookies that have been baked to a golden color.

Straightforward Do-it-yourself Palmiers

And now for a cookie recipe that appears tremendous spectacular, that’s surprisingly easy to make! Do-it-yourself French palmier cookies are an actual delicacy, comprised of sugary, flaky pastry rolled up in a traditional form.

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies lined up in rows on a wire rack.

Basic Peanut Butter Blossoms

It doesn’t get easier or extra delicious than home made peanut butter blossoms. That is my favourite recipe for peanut butter Kiss cookies, dusted with sugar for a crunchy, peanut buttery, fudgy mixture.

Swirled Danish Butter Cookies on a plate.

Danish Butter Cookies

This throwback recipe for Danish butter cookies is crispy, buttery, and simply as yummy as the unique. And if you happen to additionally grew up in that period, chances are high you also have a blue tin kicking round the home to retailer them in! (If you realize, you realize.)

Assorted Cinnamon Crackle Cookies on a wire rack.

Cinnamon Crackle Cookies

These crackle cookies are brimming with a great deal of cozy cinnamon taste, excellent for Christmas! I can’t inform you how a lot I really like the style and texture of those zesty cinnamon cookies: crispy, chewy, with a delicate trace of citrus. Unreal!

Stroopwafels stacked on a plate next to a cup of coffee, with the top cookie broken in half.

Do-it-yourself Stroopwafles

Stroopwafels are a traditional Dutch cookie, made with caramel filling sandwiched between two skinny and crispy waffle-like cookie layers. It seems they’re simple to make at house!

Stack of Carmelita Cookies

Carmelita Cookies

For those who love Carmelita cookie bars, wait till you get a style of those Carmelita cookies! These are the last word oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for a purpose: they’re filled with ooey-gooey, creamy caramel!

Assorted Christmas Wreath Cookies on a wooden countertop.

Wreath Cookies

These holly jolly wreath sugar cookies are simply too cute. That is the most effective Christmas cookie recipe to make with children! We’ll spend hours adorning these cheerful, festive wreaths with frosting and sprinkles.

Soft Gingerdoodles stacked on a platter, with one cookie broken in half.


Obsessive about gingerbread cookies? Love snickerdoodles? Then these gingerdoodle cookies are the Christmas miracle you by no means knew you wanted. These are thick, chewy, coated in sugar, and crammed with heat spice – the most effective of each worlds.

A stack of Linzer Cookies filled with raspberry preserves on a wire rack.

Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies are traditional Christmas cookies comprised of flaky shortbread crammed with jam after which sprinkled with powdered sugar. It is a conventional Austrian cookie that I grew up with, and now I make them yearly from scratch!

Buddy the Elf Cookies arranged on a plate lined with parchment paper.

Elf Cookies

This enjoyable, no-bake cookie recipe is impressed by Buddy the Elf’s loopy spaghetti breakfast from the traditional Christmas film! I turned his signature sugar-overloaded breakfast into equally candy and candy-filled haystack cookies. You’re welcome!

Assorted Lemon Meltaway Cookies, with one cookie broken in half.

Lemon Meltaways

These simple lemon cookies actually soften away in your mouth, with zesty flavors of actual lemon wrapped up right into a buttery shortbread-style cookie.

Russian Tea Cakes Cookies coated in powdered sugar on a plate.

Russian Tea Truffles

Russian tea desserts, snowball cookies, Mexican marriage ceremony cookies – you identify it, however it doesn’t matter what you name them, these traditional cookies are a vacation staple and simple to make with only a few substances.

Soft Gingerbread Cookies stacked on a plate.

Gentle Gingerbread Cookies

I really like these gentle and irresistibly chewy gingerbread cookies, and I make them yearly! Nothing says Christmas greater than a freshly baked gingerbread cookie.

A stack of black and white cookies, with a bite missing from the top cookie.

Black and White Cookies

Take a chunk of the Huge Apple this Christmas with this simple home made model of black and white cookies of NYC fame! These cake-like, bakery-style vanilla cookies are topped half-and-half with vanilla and darkish chocolate icing.

Glazed Italian Ricotta Cookies lined up on a wire rack.

Italian Ricotta Cookies

Add an air of easy luxurious to your vacation cookie trays with these Italian ricotta cookies. These cookies end up deliciously mild and ethereal, like little bites of fluffy cake topped with creamy icing.

Perfect Spritz Cookies in various shapes and colors arranged on a wooden countertop.

Excellent Spritz Cookies

No Christmas cookie plate is full with out my favourite spritz cookies. You’ll love this simple cookie recipe as a result of these bite-sized pressed sugar cookies end up excellent, each time.

Can I Make Cookie Dough Forward?

Sure! Most cookie dough may be made 1-2 days forward and refrigerated till you’re able to bake it. Merely wrap the dough in query tightly in plastic wrap, or retailer it hermetic in a container or zip-top bag within the fridge. 

You may as well freeze home made cookie dough for as much as 1 month. I’ve discovered the simplest solution to freeze cookie dough is to portion it into balls beforehand, then pre-freeze the dough on a baking sheet. Afterward, switch the strong dough balls to a freezer bag to retailer. Defrost frozen cookie dough balls within the fridge, then bake as directed!

Tips on how to Organize the Excellent Cookie Platter

With all these Christmas cookies flowing, presentation is vital whenever you’re serving them up on the household vacation social gathering. Under are my suggestions for placing collectively the most effective Christmas cookie platter.

Select Your Cookies

Selection is the spice of life. It’s true, and selection is important in a well-stocked vacation cookie plate. Make certain to make use of a mixture of each conventional and artistic cookies, in numerous sizes and shapes (cut-out cookies, drop cookies, cookie bars, cookie cups, and so forth.), in addition to colours (purple, white, inexperienced) and flavors (chocolate, vanilla, peppermint, and so forth). 

You don’t need an entire platter of cookies that each one look alike. Though, I’m positive they’d nonetheless be scrumptious. Simply saying.

Have a Sport Plan

Until you intend on baking 20 kinds of vacation cookies to select from (kudos if you happen to do!), you’ll need to go into your cookie platter with, say, 4-5 types of cookies you’d like to incorporate, with wiggle room for extra (clearly). Right here’s how you can lay out a recreation plan main as much as the proper cookie platter:

  • Make an inventory of substances, and do one huge store the place you may get all the things it is advisable make your chosen cookie recipes. 
  • Set out a time for baking. You don’t must bake all of your cookies in a single shot, however funds sufficient time so that you simply’re not scrambling on the final minute! Additionally, many cookie dough recipes may be made forward (see above), so positively preserve that in thoughts when prepping for baking.
  • Take allergic reactions and diets under consideration. Planning forward additionally permits us to cater to any potential dietary wants. If you realize that some company or cookie-platter recipients are gluten-free, dairy-free, and so forth., you’ll be able to match this into your recreation plan.

Assemble Your Cookie Trays

Whether or not you’re assembling a cookie platter for a celebration, or a cookie plate for gifting, it’s finest to not make them up too far upfront. We don’t need stale cookies on our palms! 

If you’re able to assemble your cookie platters, organize your assorted Christmas cookies as you see match. You possibly can group comparable cookies collectively on the plate, or organize completely different cookies at random – it’s completely as much as you! Your plate is certain to end up attractive. 

You may as well embody different, non-cookie treats to boost a cookie platter. Assume Holiday Rum Balls, Homemade Turtles Candy, and Crock Pot Peppermint Pretzel Candy. Or, scatter round sweet canes, Andes mints, Hershey’s Kisses, and extra. Something goes, actually. 

As soon as assembled, wrap your cookie platters tightly till you’re able to serve or ship them, so the cookies keep as contemporary as attainable.

Storing Do-it-yourself Cookies

When you’ve got leftover cookies when all is claimed and accomplished, storing them is straightforward! Most Christmas cookies are nice to retailer hermetic at room temperature for just a few days. 

In fact, at all times be sure to learn the directions for every recipe simply in case, as not all cookies have the identical shelf life. Additionally, relying on the substances, some cookies may be higher off saved within the fridge.

Freezing Cookies

Like cookie dough (see above), most home made Christmas cookies are additionally nice to freeze! Retailer the cookies in an hermetic container or freezer bag, utilizing parchment paper to separate the layers as wanted. Then, retailer the cookies frozen for as much as 2-3 months. Thaw them on the counter everytime you’re craving a style of the vacations!


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