30 Tasty Recipe Ideas with Moong Dal (Mung Lentils)

Assortment of 30 vegetarian moong dal recipes – lentils type a staple in Indian delicacies. There are a number of lentils which can be consumed in India. Out of them moong lentils is likely one of the generally used lentil. There are numerous recipes that are made with moong lentils. On this put up I’m compiling all these recipes in a single assortment checklist.

moong dal recipes.

In ayurveda, moong is one lentil which is really useful for balancing all three doshas (kapha, pitta & vata). Even plain mung dal khichdi sans any seasoning or spices is consumed as a part of a detox food plan. Its additionally a superb supply of protein for vegetarians. So do attempt to embody moong lentils in your food plan.

There are numerous scrumptious recipes which you may make with them. Since moong dal is well digestible, moong dal khichdi made with some rice and a little bit of turmeric, is really useful as one of many weaning meals for infants. Resulting from the truth that moong dal is straightforward to digest, moong dal khichdi can also be really useful to individuals recovering from sickness.

Getting ready moong sprouts from entire moong dal is one other means you possibly can have them in your food plan. On this assortment I’ve additionally included wholesome recipes that may be ready with moong sprouts. Some combined sprouts recipes are additionally included within the checklist as moong bean sprouts can also be one of many beans added in combined bean sprouts.

Though, you may get prepared made sprouted moong beans from market however it’s at all times higher and wholesome to sprout moong beans at house. I’ve already written an in depth put up on How to sprout moong beans at house. You too can verify my put up on Making mixed bean sprouts at home.

Assortment of 30 Moong dal recipes

1. Moong dal khichdi recipe – one pot meal of rice and moong lentils. Mild and simple to digest meal. in India, when somebody is unwell or recovering from sickness, then dalia and moong dal khichdi are sometimes served to him/her. Even medical doctors advocate khichdi to sufferers.

moong dal khichdi recipe

2. Moong dal – this moong dal tadka is a spiced model of a tasty dal with flavors of tempered cumin, garlic, garam masala powder and purple chili powder.

moong dal tadka recipe

3. Moong dal cheela – wholesome and nutritious chillas made with moong lentils. To make these moong dal chillas the moong lentils must be soaked in a single day or for some hours.

moong dal cheela recipe

4. Moong dal payasam – creamy and a scrumptious payasam made with yellow mung lentils, jaggery and coconut milk.

moong dal payasam recipe

5. Moong dal dosa recipe – pesarattu dosa or moong dal dosa Is a well-liked breakfast recipe of Andhra Pradesh. This can be a wholesome & nutritious dosa selection. Vegan in addition to gluten free. Pesarattu dosa is served with upma. The dosa may be served with coconut chutney. Additionally they style good with a easy coriander chutney additionally.

Moong Dal Dosa

6. Ven Pongal recipe – ven Pongal is a South Indian breakfast made with rice and yellow moong lentils. This porridge like savory dish is laced with cumin, asafoetida and black pepper. To not neglect the beautiful aroma of ghee, which is used for tempering these spices.

ven Pongal recipe

7. Punjabi sabut moong dal – the style of this sabut moong dal is sort of a house cooked dal and actually goes effectively with rotis or steamed rice. If I make a facet veggie dish, I serve the dal with steamed rice or we simply have it with rotis with a facet veggie salad.

whole green moong dal recipe

8. Moong dal halwa – a preferred and wealthy halwa recipe from north India. Moong dal halwa is normally made on celebratory or festive events like Holi, Diwali, marriages and so on. For extra scrumptious halwa recipes, you possibly can verify this Collection of 28 halwa varieties.

moong dal halwa recipe

9. Bengali khichdi – bhaja muger dal or moong dal khichuri is at all times made throughout durga puja competition. This khichdi is served as bhog to Goddess Durga together with another Bengali delicacies. The khichdi has an addition of combined greens that we usually add to pulao like – cauliflower, inexperienced peas, potatoes, carrots and so on. 

bhaja muger khichuri recipe

10. Moong dal ladoo – simple recipe of scrumptious ladoos made with moong lentils, ghee and sugar. these moong dal ladoos style very similar to besan ladoo. In the event you make besan ladoos for festive events, then for a change attempt making these moong dal ladoos and you’ll positively like them. For extra scrumptious ladoo varieties, you possibly can verify this Collection of 22 ladoo recipes.

moong dal ladoo recipe

11. Akkha masoor dal – spiced entire purple lentils or masoor dal dish from the Kolhapuri delicacies. The recipe is a semi dry model. Although you too can make a dry dish.

Kolhapuri style akkha masoor recipe

12. Moong dal dhokla  – wholesome and nutritious moong dal dhokla. Dhokla is a well-liked Gujarati snack. greatest accompaniment to the moong dal dhokla is mint cilantro chutney or coconut chutney. Additionally it will possibly go together with uncooked papaya chutney or tamarind dates chutney.

moong dal dhokla recipe

13. Moong dal bhajiya – moong dal bhajiya or moong dal pakora is a avenue meals snack from Mumbai. These are fried fritters constituted of yellow mung lentils and mildly spiced.

moong dal bhajiya recipe

14. Dal kachori – flaky kachoris made with a spiced moong lentils stuffing. Kachoris are mainly deep fried breads. There are numerous types of kachori recipes within the Indian delicacies and moong dal kachori is a well-liked one.

urad dal kachori recipe

15. Ram ladoo – a preferred avenue meals snack from Delhi. These are mainly fried pakoras or vadas constituted of moong dal and chana dal batter. Nonetheless they’re known as as ram ladoos. The topping of contemporary radish in it additionally provides to the individuality.

ram ladoo recipe

16. Masala khichdi – spiced moong dal khichdi with combine greens. here’s a variation of a khichdi recipe that’s barely spicy and contains combine veggies. Heat, comforting and nutritious. You may serve masala khichdi with a facet salad, pickle, roasted papads or curd.

veg masala khichdi recipe

17. Sweet Pongal – candy porridge like dish made with rice and mung lentils, flavored with cardamoms and dry fruits. Candy Pongal is also referred to as sakkarai Pongal in tamil language is a candy dish made throughout festive events in south India. It is usually served in temples in south India.

sweet Pongal recipe

18. Turai ki sabzi – simple homely recipe of ridge gourd bhaji with moong dal. ridge gourd can also be known as as turai in Hindi and dodka in Marathi. We name it as shirali.

This can be a semi dry sabzi and goes very effectively as a facet dish with chapatis or dal-rice or sambar-rice. You too can pack it within the tiffin field with some chapatis.

ridge gourd bhaji recipe

19. Suva bhaji recipe – easy but tasty homely recipe of dill leaves with moong lentils. Suva are also referred to as dill leaves in English and shepu in Marathi language. These leaves have a robust aroma and slight pungent style.

shepu moong dal bhaji recipe

20. Cabbage kootu – tasty South Indian type recipe of cabbage and moong lentils with coconut and spices. This cabbage dal recipe could be very simple to arrange and tastes nice with steamed rice. For extra tasty cabbage recipes, you possibly can verify this Collection of 14 cabbage recipes.

cabbage kootu recipe

21. Rajasthani panchmel dal – it’s a protein packed dish because it incorporates the goodness and nutritive qualities of 5 totally different lentils.Panchmel dal is also referred to as panchratna dal and is made with these 5 lentils – chana dal, urad dal, moong dal, arhar dal and moth dal.

panchmel dal recipe

22. Bajra khichdi – This can be a warming and nutritious khichdi selection made with pearl millet. This khichdi could be very widespread within the areas of Haryana and Rajasthan. Bajra is warming to physique and it’s good to devour these nutrition-packed millets in winter.

bajra khichdi recipe

23. Oats khichdi – wholesome and scrumptious one pot oats khichdi made with oats, combine vegetable and moong dal. you should use fast cooking oats in addition to rolled oats to arrange the recipe. oats khichdi may be served plain or together with some curd, raita or pickle.

oats khichdi recipe

24. Palak khichdi – It’s a one pot nutritious meal of mung lentils and rice with spinach (palak), onions, tomatoes, peanuts, herbs and spices. This dish is straightforward to arrange in addition to wholesome.

palak khichdi recipe

Recipes made with moong sprouts

1. Moong sprouts salad recipe – very simple in addition to a really wholesome salad recipe. This salad constituted of moong sprouts is specifically good for individuals who doesn’t have a lot time for cooking or who doesn’t know a lot about cooking. For extra wholesome salad recipes, you possibly can verify this Collection of 16 salad recipes.

moong sprouts salad recipe

2. Moong sprouts sabzi – a straightforward and wholesome recipe of a semi dry curry made with moong sprouts. Though I’ve added potatoes within the dish to make it extra filling. However you too can make this dish solely with moong sprouts.

moong sprouts sabzi recipe

3. Moong sprouts chaat – simple, fast and tangy chaat made with mung bean sprouts.  within the moong sprouts chaat, I’ve added boiled potatoes, tomatoes and onions. You may additionally add some grated carrots, cucumber or beets.

moong sprouts chaat recipe

4. Usal recipe – Usal is a Maharashtrian curried dish made with legumes/sprouted legumes or combined sprouted legumes and is had with pav (bread), chapati or rice. This recipe is Malvani usal and one of many oldest recipes I had posted made with combined bean sprouts. It will also be made with moong sprouts solely.

usal recipe

5. Mixed Sprouts curry – This can be a nutritious curry made with combined sprouts. You may serve this combined sprouts curry with phulkas and rice bhakri. It additionally goes effectively with bajra roti or jowar roti. The curry additionally goes effectively with entire wheat bread.

mixed sprouts curry recipe

6. Mixed sprouts usal – simple and scrumptious recipe of usal made with combined sprouts, onions, tomatoes and spices. usal goes very effectively with chapatis, bread rolls (pav) and even steamed rice.

mixed sprouts usal recipe

This Moong Dal Recipes Assortment put up from the archives, first revealed in April 2017 has been up to date and republished on November 2022.


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