Florida officials report death of vibrio patient

The Florida Division of Well being in Escambia County is investigating a demise associated to a Vibrio vulnificus an infection.

Public well being officers didn’t launch some other details about the demise. They didn’t say the place the affected person lived or the affected person’s age.

The officers are urging residents to take precautions towards an infection and sickness by avoiding consuming uncooked or undercooked oysters and different shellfish or exposing open wounds to seawater and estuarine water. 

Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium that often lives in heat, brackish seawater. These micro organism sometimes develop sooner throughout hotter months. Individuals with open wounds, cuts, or scratches will be uncovered to Vibrio vulnificus by way of direct contact with seawater or estuarine water. Additionally, Vibrio vulnificus could cause illness in those that eat uncooked or undercooked oysters and shellfish. Vibrio vulnificus has the potential to trigger extreme sickness or demise. 

Wholesome people sometimes develop a gentle illness; nonetheless, Vibrio vulnificus infections will be extreme for individuals with weakened immune methods, youngsters, older adults and pregnant girls. 

  • Signs can embody vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach ache.
  • Wound an infection can result in pores and skin breakdown and blistering. 
  • In individuals with weakened immune methods, notably these with continual liver illness, Vibrio vulnificus can invade the bloodstream, inflicting a extreme, life-threatening sickness with signs like fever, chills, decreased blood stress, septic shock, and blistering pores and skin lesions. 

People experiencing these signs ought to contact a doctor instantly for prognosis and therapy. People with wound infections must also search care promptly. 

To keep away from an infection

  1. Completely cook dinner oysters and different shellfish by frying, stewing, or roasting to get rid of dangerous micro organism and viruses within the meat.
  2. Keep away from exposing open wounds, cuts, or scratches to seawater or estuarine water.
  3. Instantly clear and monitor wounds acquired within the marine atmosphere or from raw shellfish; search speedy medical care if indicators of an infection happen.


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