Frequent marijuana use by Colorado youths associated with psychotic disorders

Colorado grew to become the primary within the nation in 2012 to make the leisure use of marijuana authorized. Within the following 12 months when leisure marijuana gross sales bought underway, Colorado’s Basic Meeting mandated the Colorado Division of Public Well being & Surroundings (CDPHE) to provide a report each two years by Jan. 31 on the well being results of marijuana use and developments in marijuana use amongst Coloradans.

The 2022 summary and report were launched this week and delivered to the Basic Meeting, the Colorado Division of Income, and the state Board of Well being. The last decade of leisure marijuana use by the Mile Excessive states exhibits a couple of optimistic developments.

-13.3 p.c of youth used marijuana inside the previous month- a lower from 20.6 p.c in 2019

-60.4 p.c of youth suppose common marijuana use is dangerous – a rise from 50.1 p.c in 2019

-College students driving after utilizing marijuana decreased from 11.2 p.c in 2019 to five.5 p.c in 2021

-6.8 p.c of recent moms reported utilizing marijuana throughout being pregnant, a lower from 8.2 p.c in 2019, and is much less prevalent that alcohol and e-cigarette use

However not all developments are optimistic. CDPHE reviews Substantial Proof on the Well being Results of Marijuana Use/Consumption on Adolescents and Younger Adults together with a few of these findings:

Every day or near-daily marijuana use by adolescents and younger adults is strongly associated with creating a psychotic dysfunction similar to schizophrenia in maturity. These signs are worse with greater doses

Marijuana use by adolescents and younger adults is strongly related to creating psychotic signs in maturity, similar to hallucinations, paranoia, and delusional beliefs. The danger is greater with extra frequent use and amongst those that begin utilizing marijuana at a youthful age.

Every day or near-daily marijuana customers can expertise withdrawal signs when abstaining.

Marijuana customers can change into “addicted” to marijuana.

Weekly or extra frequent marijuana use by adolescents is strongly related with failure to graduate from highschool.

CDPHE”s statements of Substantial Proof on the Well being Results of Marijuana Use/Consumption on Driving embody:

Driving quickly after utilizing marijuana will increase the danger of a motorized vehicle crash.

Utilizing alcohol and marijuana collectively enhances impairment and the danger of a motorized vehicle crash greater than utilizing both substance alone.

The everyday marijuana cigarette or joint in Colorado incorporates roughly 0.5 grams of marijuana, and the THC content material in marijuana ranges from 12 to 23 p.c THC; subsequently, a typical joint incorporates between 60-115 mg of THC. For less-than-weekly marijuana customers, smoking marijuana containing 10 mg or extra of THC is more likely to trigger impairment that impacts one’s capacity to drive, bike, or carry out different safety-sensitive actions.

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