Publisher’s Platform: I’m getting closer to finding the grower, processor, shipper of the lettuce linked to the Wendy’s E. coli outbreak

We all know that Wendy’s is aware of, however shouldn’t be but saying – they’ll ultimately and I proceed to sue them. Additionally it is attainable the FDA is aware of, but additionally shouldn’t be saying – but.

I’m not that far behind.

Properly, we all know from Wendy’s and the FDA that the seemingly E. coli-tainted product is the Hybrid Romaine and Iceberg Lettuce that got here from ____________.

Not understanding ____________ jogged my memory of a narrative.  

After 30 years of doing this work, I’ve numerous tales.

Shortly after Labor Day 2006, because the Dole child spinach E. coli outbreak was blowing up (ultimately, 205 sick with dozens with kidney failure and with 5 deaths), I drove from San Francisco to Salinas on the lookout for the place the infant spinach was grown.  Like now, this time of 12 months the “salad bowl of America” shifts to the higher Salinas Valley.  After hitting a couple of Salinas bars, I discovered the residents of Salinas greater than prepared to throw a neighboring group, San Juan Bautista, beneath the E. coli bus. “Go there, it wasn’t us” was the fixed chorus as I paid the tab.

San Juan Bautista was not a far drive, however a drive effectively again in time, to when this space of California was a part of higher Mexico.  The city has an outdated Mission that dates to the 1700’s.  The Mission has a subject subsequent to it that’s an unmarked grave for a number of thousand native Individuals.

Sitting in yet one more bar with an open tab (sensing a theme right here), I used to be rapidly directed to a farm on the outskirts of city the place a couple of FDA vans have been pulled up – BINGO!

The 2006 Dole child spinach outbreak began on a 20-acre parcel “in transition” to natural that was harvested in someday and despatched to a processor that bagged the spinach for Dole.  Though the precise reason behind the outbreak stays considerably a thriller, a couple of wild pigs and a few neighboring grass-fed cows have been the most probably culprits.  

This 2006 outbreak was imagined to be the lettuce industries “Jack-in-the-Field” – “its 911.”  

However right here we’re once more, and once more, and once more.

So, to the web I’m going.  To date, the one two firms I’ve discovered that do produce the Hybrid Romaine and Iceberg Lettuce is Tanimura and Antle and Mann’s.  Nonetheless, my guess is there are others.  I reached out to contacts over the past 20 years about what I discovered, after which I received this e mail:

My understanding is that it’s not that constant, however I haven’t actually labored with Wendy’s a lot. They at all times appear to be represented at lots of the business conferences however at the very least in my expertise don’t are inclined to say a lot or work together a lot. These two are definitely attainable however I imagine that each Taylor Farms and Church Bros/ True Leaf have at the very least prior to now – presumably presently. Though if FDA has turned its deal with to Santa Maria, then different commodity firms like Tanimura and Antle could be the suppliers… However I don’t truly know…

It is probably not any of the above. 

Looks like I could also be heading to a Salinas bar – drinks on me!

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