Revive Superfoods no longer has Tara as a listed ingredient – what happened in the last 24 hours?


Yesterday I posted “Are Revive Superfood Smoothies linked to acute Liver Failure too?” with the beneath image of the substances – which included Tara Protein.

Immediately, nonetheless, the Tara Protein is gone – what’s up? Pea Protein?

I counsel people to comply with this Reddit thread – it actually appears that the numbers of ailing coming ahead are rising of individuals with almost equivalent acute signs – irregular liver enzymes and bilirubin, many with gallbladder involvement.  Many have had a number of blood assessments, MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, with possible liver biopsies and gall bladder removals.

As I mentioned yesterday, the frequent ingredient in Every day Harvest outbreak is Tara. The above signs lined to Revive Smoothies are primarily the identical signs and outcomes which have surfaced after being retained by and chatting with the almost 200 folks linked to the consumption of Every day Harvest merchandise – particularly (however not solely), the French Lentil + Leek Crumbles. See additionally this Reddit thread –

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